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Here you read about :

Political and religious criminal machinations against me for more than a decade.

Abuse of office up to destruction of assets

2 unsuccessful asylum applications in other European countries, denied because EU citizens can not receive asylum within the EU
Refusal of a family doctor for 8 months in Verona, Italy.

And much more ....

Anyone who writes a book about it will be sued by me because my private life is only for me.
This site is for information only and not as a novel.

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In 2005 I founded a mini stock corporation in Neu-Ulm Germany, as online publications.
Proof: from 2005 to 2008, I paid my pension contributions to my pension through my own company.
Like all publisher, I achieved profit, for example: newspapers, radio, TV and more, through advertising by Affili, sponsors and others.
Already in the first business year I managed my business expenses such as equipment acquisition, promotion and so on, to pay by revenue. I had a good start in my business. In the second year, my company was doing even better and I was thinking about expansion and job creation.
Every euro invested in my company earned me 4 to 8 euros in earnings !!
For this I worked almost 16hours a day on 3 computers. Almost daily, I created a website, so that I now had 100 websites with about 5000 visitors per website, daily, a total of 100 pages per 5000 visitors, this was 500,000 visitors daily !!!
I had over 15 domains including: pressexpress.eu and presseexpress.de and more, one of my work from presseexpress.de you can find here on youtube even today: my work on Youtube

Of course you can also find more of my work online and not only on Youtube.
Politically I was at this time also an active member of the FDP, liberal democratic party of Germany, I had conversations with people on the street as a member of the FDP and was also present at political events.
From 2004 to 2009 I was a member of the German Journalists Association.
From 2005 to 2008, I was a member of Reporters Without Borders.

Only privately I was not so good ... I has in my opinion problems with a criminal association, he followed, overheard and thus me limited in my freedom. Unknown people try to make friends with me, later I was often poisoned in bars and clubs with drinks.
No reason for the police to file a complaint ! When unreasonableness started to come into my company, like sponsors jumped off without explanation, phone calls were overheard, emails and mail was checked and the police still did not want to do anything, although now it was about white-collar crime and business damage, I tried to ask the public prosecutors Ulm and Neu-Ulm for a clarification of the facts, but for me no one was to speak.
I decided on Bavarian Ministry of the Interior, to complain about the inactivity of the police in Neu-Ulm. I attached a copy of my press card to the letter. I try to rescue my company and find out what problem the police have to file a criminal complaint. I waited for an answer from the Ministry of Interior, after days my phone rang, and the police commissioner asked me to go to the police station, I was informed verbally that I should no longer bother the Ministry.

Perhaps all ministries and police in europe, not loved me since then ?
In 2008 I left Germany, because you can pay your money and taxes elsewhere, but it certainly was not business friendly. I took my work and went to my homeland italy. But everything that happened to me in italy you can not be found in any thriller !!!

In Italy ....
I went to Sessa Aurunca and asked a cousin if I could stay for a while, without success. Then I went to Solofra at Avellino where I have hundreds of relatives. Relatives brought me to a convent from the church. I was surprised to be allowed to live in a convent, but for me everything was new and a completely different world.
The first nasty surprise came when I moved my residence to Solofra and applied for an identity card because according to my passport I was born in Cellole and so all my life was from the Italian consulate in Stuttgart and Munich were issued. In Solofra I now received an identity card with the birthplace Sessa Aurunca. I thought of a mistake, but no, the official said that this is true. This was too stupid for me and I went to the Carabinieri with the passport and the identity card and asked if that was okay. The Carabiniere looked at the documents and said that everything was alright. Again, I was astonished and thought, if it is alright for the Carabinieri, it must be true.
In 2009 I left Solofra and went to Rome to try my luck.

In Rome on July 24, 2009, I was the victim of a robbery and bodily injury, I was broken a poor, a tooth knocked out and a head injury.
I was robbed of all the gold chains, laptop, documents, press card, my Nikon camera and so on.

Inconsistencies with the offense and the criminal charges :

1.) According to the public prosecutor of Rome dated 21 February 2014, I have not filed any criminal charges, neither these nor later filed charges can be found. here the certificate
2.) Copies of criminal charges that I later gave to my lawyer in Rome have also disappeared.
3.) The date: the offense was committed on the night of 25 July, this is the date of birth of my father and my divorce, a coincidence?
4.) When I was looking for help after the crime, there were no people on the streets at night without traffic on the streets. At the crossroads to the Colusseum, two police cars with policemen talking to a US citizen stood, whether they were there by chance or waiting for someone who comes to call for help, I do not know.
5.) After I filed the criminal charges, a police officer accused me of asking who I sold my documents to

In 2010, I took a course at the University of Upter in Rome, to become a photojournalist. This seemed to me necessary because I was no longer in possession of my press card after the robbery.
During this time I did some photography, including about Berlusconi, like hundreds of tourists who came by the villa every day and took pictures without any problems. After I taking some pictures, 2 carabinieri came to me and brought me to Personnel control on the area in Piazza Venezia, I was left there waiting for 3 hours, I presented the proof that I'm doing a course as a photojournalist, they checked and they told me everything was OK, but I have to delete the photos.
I dropped out Protest the photos and said that censorship would be the same.

Another body injury followed in the winter of 2010, this time I was driving in the night bus from Rome to Ostia from about 10 teenagers beat up and came to the hospital. When I filed the complaint in Ostia, I received no copy of the criminal complaint from the Carabinieri in Ostia. This I told a well-known, who told it a marshall of the Carabinieri, I was asked to confirm this with a lawyer in Rome and describe it. This I did then, in front of the law firm stood a whole bus of the Carabinieri with switched on warning light.I made the statement and now had enough action in Rome and later took a cheap flight to Barcelona. Where I finally wanted to find peace !

In Barcelona I stayed about 8 months, I lived in the International Airport and in the Municipal Social Housing. Since I did not find a Castilian course, as I did not intend to stay in Barcelona, I asked for a return ticket from the town hall. As destination I gave Bologna, I got a free bus ticket and was allowed to return to Italy.
Arriving at the border town of Ventimiglia, an Italian police control let me out and took me to the police station. There I had to spend the night in a cell.The next morning, police told me that the Carabinieri in Rome had put me out as a wanted person, someone has stolen my identity card, committed a fraud, since the picture was exchanged, it was clear that I am the real Alfonso Palumbo.

Now I went to Bologna where I found nothing to eat without money. Therefore, I decided to continue to Rimini to find my luck there. Once there, I realized that my identity card and my cell phone had disappeared.
I made at the railway police a indication of loss. I found food and clothing at Caritas and another church institution in Rimini. In 2007, i personally resigned from the church in germany.

After some time I had to travel to Rome again to apply for a new identity card. In Rome, I stayed until 2015, where I was repeatedly victims of violence and robbery.

According to the public prosecutor of Rome dated 21 February 2014,
I have not filed any criminal charges !
here the certificate

If I remember correctly, the last time I was a victim of violence, in Rome within the Mensa of the Caritas. There I was injured by a person with a chair against my head and had to be sewn in the hospital.
When the police arrived, the culprit had fled.The police told me that the perpetrator had been released the day before from the detention center in Rebbibia and came from Napoli.
Unfortunately I have no picture, either I lost the criminal complaint or it was robbed.
Copies of my criminal charges handed over to my lawyer in Rome. He did not report for several months, so I asked for an appointment, where he told me that he could no longer find the copies.

After all this action, I had enough of Rome again and sought my peace in Salerno. Also it started to do me health not good. In Salerno, my health was getting worse, so that after a few months I had to go to the hospital. After more than a week they released me without me feeling better, so I had to go to another hospital with an ambulance the same day. After a few more weeks I decided to leave Salerno because I probably would not feel well there. I drove to Caserta where I had to go to the emergency room 2 times on the same day.
A few days before I was discriminated against in a church institution in S. Maria di Capua, because as a non-believer I refused to sign the cross and to pray. Filing a complaint at the Carabinieri in S. Maria di Capua and in Caserta was rejected by the Carabinieri.

I was forced to leave Italy and ask for political asylum in Switzerland.
Not only because I had severe pain and discomfort in the stomach, but also because I no longer wanted to be a plaything of politics, police and religion. Finally, you could do with me and leave what you want, because ads could not be made and if they disappeared!

So I applied for asylum in Chiasso, Switzerland 2016. During the asylum procedure, I had to go to the hospital and was examined, they took the findings from the Italian hospitals for help and prescribed me medicines then later gave me a family doctor. The medicines did not help me, the only thing that helped was an anti-pain medication. My application for asylum in Switzerland was rejected on 12 August 2016.

I got a ticket and was allowed to go. I was told that as an EU citizen I would not have to leave the country. But I did not receive asylum. I took the ticket and went to Austria to apply for political asylum there.

On 19 August 2016 I applied for asylum in Feldkirch Austria.
In Dornbirn, Austria was found in an Physical examination, the lipoma in my stomach it was 7.5 cm x 7 cm x 2 cm big, and obliquely along the muscles. This was surgically removed at the hospital in Dornbirn on 31.01.2017. Immediately after the operation I was fine, I had no problems breathing deeply. The abdominal pain was gone and when running with others, I had no more problems. However, my asylum application was rejected in Austria.

In March 2017 I asked for a return ticket to Italy, I got a train ticket to the Brennero.

I stayed in Bolzano for a month in homeless shelter, I was examined by a doctor and a health certificate was issued. I have been homeless for 10 years and receive no regular financial support or help I need not mention here. Whether this is politically or religiously wanted and is now the European standard, I can not say.
But what I can say is that human rights, civil rights and some other rights are certainly being violated. States, religions and regulatory powers like police are not interested to change anything, perhaps because human rights or rights generally apply only to paying customers?
But I know one thing there was always a time for clarification of violence against humanity, see Nuremberg Trials and more. So I hope that my notes will help one day as well as others to discover this inhumane practice.

I continued my journey and then spent a month in Trento, also here in a homeless shelter. In Trento, I then file a criminal complaint against the hospital in Salerno, since they allegedly did not find the lipoma in my stomac but it was to be seen with the eye that there was something.

In a country where it has become popular sport to keep others homeless to play better with you, Nobody likes to live, work or even pay taxes to support this injustice financially. After spending a month in Trento, I went to Verona.

I handed over the criminal complaint to lawyers in Verona, for further processing.

Since the 10th of May 2017 I live or have not been killed yet, with inhuman means, in Verona.
Romeo and Juliet, Shakespear, Scientology Church, Nationalistic Governed Region, Arena of Verona, everything here?

Arriving in Verona, I went to the Municipal Office for Traveling Homeless. Here I got a place to sleep until May 18, and there was a dinner in the evening. I quickly found libraries where I could daily work on my websites, socials, photos and other work and publish. Work that nobody pays me and can not pay. But photographing and publishing is my job even if I only have a smartphone. As a reporter, research is part of everyday life, so I quickly found churches for homeless food, showers and clothing. After I had organized well, came the day where I had to give up my urban sleeping place on 18 May 2017. Like in Bolzano and Trento I wanted to spend a month in Verona to take photos like in Bolzano and Trento. So I decided to sleep with my sleeping bag outdoors as I have to do for many years. At 10.30 pm the Ronda arrived and gave food to homeless people. At the end of May, my health was bad and I went to the hospital, but since my health allowance had expired, I left. After health did not improve after days, I pushed to the Ministry of Health what I could do to get medical care. This directed me to the Health Department of Verona.
There they told me that, my residence was deleted when I applied for asylum abroad and was operated on. And without a place of residence, I am not entitled to medical care. The Italian Constitution Art. 32, Says that everyone has a right on medical care and cures, just human rights.
The Health Department of Verona refused me the family doctor and the cures.
I wrote to the Ministry of Health, the European Ombudsman and other institutions without success. I found lawyers looking for legal issues of the homeless and asked for help. The lawyers said I had to make a new residence. At the end of January 2018 I received a new residence in Verona with the help of my lawyer. Since then, I have been back at the health department, from May 2017 to January 2018 me was denied a doctor in Verona.

The Carabinieri said that they do not see any offense if they deny me a doctor. I asked my lawyer if he would like to help me sue the Veneto region, answer, no. Since I still feel bad today, I want to sue the Veneto region and seek a lawyer for it.

In my opinion, the Italian Constitution Art. 32 and Human Rights Art. 25 were violated.

About my health here later more .....

And continue with our report about what can happen in Verona!

Apparently I disturb in Verona, hope not only this is all!
Today 21.04.2018, I got a punishment because of driving without a ticket on the bus, I have to say: in Italy we have many rights as well as the right to travel, unfortunately homeless as I can not get money from social services to buy tickets can. In addition, it is so that I drive today as a few weeks Saturday to a church to get 2 euros there. Anyone who has ever been to Italy knows how we are monitored by cameras, a kind of democratic control of the population, on places and streets, bus and more. But surely the control was just a coincidence today and by chance it did not hit criminals, but the last social weakness. On top of that, I personally consider it a necessity because I am required in churches to ask for money, food and clothes, not to mention that I am not religious. Since I do not drink and do not smoke, I need the money to buy me any medication, although I have a release but I pay per recipe 0.60 euro.
I do not know if I will be deprived of social benefits in Verona, I had written to the mayor to get information, if it's true what my social worker has told me, namely that there is no financial help, unfortunately I have received no answer.
Just as when I asked the Court in Verona for information on whether denying a doctor and refusing a constitutional right is an offense.

IMPORTANT: my homeless life is over.
I was informed today 26.04.2018 that I made from 01.05.2018 in a social housing for citizens of the city of Verona, housed.
Until then I will stay in an emergency shelter.
I would like to thank everyone for that and hope that this is a first step to a normal life. I will dispose of my sleeping bag in the next few days. Thank you.

April 27, 2018, The pressure against me continues to rise ... Every day I hear from someone go back to Germany. They are still trying to persuade me from my home country to travel to Germany. Maybe political pressure from Germany, because this is not well to read here?

April 28, 2018 , Today I received a punishment for driving without a ticket in the bus, After refusing to sign, I did not get a copy. How to pay without the copy of the punishment, maybe a judge will be able to explain to me, this and maybe a lot more!
Maybe, this will be my new diary here.
I hope I get something to write in Italian prisons, since I want to write a book and need a lot of silence !

May 6, 2018 : That my technical work equipment such as PC, mobile phone and telephone, are controlled is nothing new for more than 12 years. Since yesterday I've installed about 10 antivirus apps and locker apps on my smartphone. All went only a few minutes. I think less and less of a criminal, but more and more of a surveillance state. So many international crimes can only make a surveillance state. My human rights have been withdrawn from me in Democratic Europe for many years. Through the controls I am discriminated against and restricted in my freedom. From which state this goes beyond my knowledge.
For me, this is inhumane.

We have new government in italy, this wants to make poverty disappear in the country.
For a few weeks, I have a lawyer dealing with the case against the hospital of Salerno and the constitutional violation, 8 months in Verona me a doctor was denied, busy.
I do not think anyone wants to criminalize me, so as to silence me.
Especially since we are not a police or military or even mafia state, we are a Democratic Republic!

june 6, 2018 Since May I am sleeping in a townhouse in Verona. Entrance is from 19:30 to 21:30, we are 4 people in the room. The other 3 people told me he received social help from the city. I do not receive social help from the city though I do several times had a conversation with the social worker.
So today I wrote an e-mail to my lawyer, she answered me the same day and told me that everything was so right.
Thus, I can continue to reassure without even 1 euro support per year on the part of authorities, continue to live, best thanks!

june 9, 2018 My Facebook account was blocked!
Maybe for political reasons.

june 18, 2018 For a year now I am going daily to the library Frinzi of the University of Verona to publish my photos on my socials and work on my website. I use there the Free Staedtische WIFI, for a long time I had the feeling as if one tries to me over the WIFI to spy. So far, I protected myself with firewall and antivirus apps on my smartphone that sometimes worked and sometimes not.
Today I had to conclude that my smartphone has a new administrator installed, not mine and that I have no opportunity to protect myself thus in the WIFI.
I suspect that at the moment I have more than 1000 visitors per day on my website, this site is interfering with my fact report!
My factual report has been read more than 50,000 times.
I saw to it that journalists, reporters, lawyers and people from politics, from all over the world have read my fact report. nu

june 21, 2018 Verona, Hospital Borgo Roma: For a dental examination, I received an appointment for the 10.12.2018 in the hospital today. They let me wait almost 6 months for a dentist in the hospital. When I tried to get clarification from the police in the hospital, it was not there. Since I have headaches for years and at the same time have problems with my dental implants, I think that something is wrong with the dental implants.

June 25, 2018 Today I visited my lawyer and asked for an appointment to show that me was denied a family doctor for 8 months in Verona and therefore Art. 32 of the Italian Constitution and Art. 25 of Human Rights, was denied. The lawyer gave me an appointment for next Monday. In the case against the hospital in Salerno, we do not know anything yet and are still waiting.

June 27, 2018 As already mentioned here, I assume that my smartphone, as well as the public WI-FI that I have to use because let me live without money, is controlled. I assume that this is also done now to hide crimes against me, another reference to political backgrounds. Here again I refer to the human rights and hereby please all of you to be aware of possible later consequences, thank you.

June 30, 2018 Yesterday I had to conclude that with my mobile number finally something is wrong. Facebook denied me the access my number does not exist and Yahoo could not send me any text messages yesterday. Therefore, I am no longer available by phone. Since the whole thing seems criminal, I contacted Europol by email.

July 02, 2018 Today I was with my lawyer and commissioned him against the violation of the Constitution to deal with. I am also available by phone from now on.

July 26, 2018I applied to the lawyer for a request for information from the Salerno court for my complaint against the hospital in Salerno. My lawyer told me this when writing the criminal complaint in Trento some small mistakes have been made. I told my lawyer that the Carabinieri deliberately left out points when setting up the criminal complaint, they did not write that I had to apply for asylum in Switzerland and Austria in order to be Operated, I also wanted a criminal complaint for failure to help, but the Carabinieri refused it so it was a criminal complaint for sloppiness.
I gave the attorney a business card from my lawyer F. Nicolai in Rome, who took care of the disappearance of the criminal complaint in Rome, which I had received copies of the missing lawsuits that the lawyer later said could not find anymore. I telephoned a few days before with lawyer F. Nicolai, who could not remember me anymore. So I asked my current lawyer here in Verona to take care of this as well. My lawyer took this and said to me that this was all a case, I was just amazed and hope that my lawyer firstly works for me and secondly more than I know.

August 07, 2018 What has happened so far: the closet was opened violently in my accommodation, whether something was stolen I do not know because I do not book keeping what I have everything in the closet, but I do not think so. The most important in the closet are photos of copying the lawsuits the state supposedly can not find and these have X times in digital format as JPG and PDF Online. Since June I have had problems with my teeth and probably an infection from the lower jaw, because I have a lot of pain from the infection and I felt the pain up to my throat where I got nodules on the thyroid gland I asked for medication. Coincidentally, as a drug, I received MomentAct containing ibuprofen, which I am vulnerable to, so I will return the drug. Whether there is an intention behind it, I do not know, but my family doctor and the health insurance know. I already had problems with ibuprofen in Germany 10 years ago.
The dental examination I had days ago, tomorrow I get the x-rays and then I have to go to the emergency room to the hospital to let me explain what has to be done to be treated on 6 September, hopefully.
Thank you.

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